Customer Reviews

Over the years we have be honored with great customer reviews. Please see below for comments previous customers have shared with us. We hope to be able to add you and your company to our “Customer Hall of Fame.”

Your patience and attention to detail was much appreciated and helped to make the start-up and operation of your equipment trouble-free. – David Green, Rocky ridge

After we made the decision to purchase the machine, we traveled to Tucson to pick up and received 6+ hours of training. We also met several of the employees at Aqua Star and each one of them was incredibly helpful. – Leon and Diana Ricter, Windmill Water

As far as knowledge about water treatment, I would rate Aqua Star International with an A+. – Rob Herbert, Pure Vend Services

We had an Aqua Star Water Vending Machine installed outside our store about three months ago. We have not had a water vending machine before, so we are very pleased and surprised by the revenue it produces. The machine has worked flawlessly since it was installed, and we have received several compliments on the quality of the water it produces. I highly recommend the Aqua Star machine for quality and reliability. – Harold Halgrimson

I am very pleased with the technical support available to me and my employees. It is very convenient that Aqua Star International has a toll free 1-800 number for the time when I need assistance. The technical assistance I have received has been outstanding. I have not encountered any problem that was not resolved with a simple phone call. Most of the time it was something so minor that if we had more experience we could have resolved the problem without assistance. However, it’s very reassuring to know that help is a toll-free call away. – Rob Herbert, Pure Vend services