Kiosk model

 The Kiosk Model can be order as a whole building or simply just the Kiosk Window. We are able to build the building to fit almost any design pattern. Below are the details for the whole building:


Dimensions:            102″ (wide) 102″ (deep) 120″ (tall)

Water Treatment:    6-stage filtration system including  4 x 40 Reverse Osmosis

Capacity:                 1800 Gallons Per Day*

1.5 Gallons Per Minute*

*subject to site conditions & operating pressure


Power:                    120-V /60 HZ


This is the Kiosk Window. The demensions are 34.5″Wide x 14″ Deep x 64.5″ Tall

– High Quality Stainless Steel Cabinet – Powder-coated white inside & out

– High quality Stainless Steel rear Enclosure Panel Kit

– Lighted Marque

– Stainless Steel Folding 1 Gallon Shelf

– Solid State Vending Electronics

– Electronic Coin Mechanism

– Stainless Steel Coin Handling System

– 2 Gallon Per Minute Vending System

–  110 Gallon Storage Tank

– NAMA Listed

– 1 Year Warranty



– Multiple Price Solid State Vending Electronics (MDB protocol) up to 3 quantities

– Dollar Bill Acceptor       

– LED Credit Display (MDB software)

– Lighted Buttons

– Lighted Vend Compartment

– Pad Locks (set of 2 hockey-puck style)

– Awning/Lighting Kit

– Remote monitoring